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The science behind perfect baking: unveiling the benefits of cake mixes

The idea of cake mixes and its benefits have been popular since the 1940s, when companies in America made them famous. Over many years they fell in and out of favour, changing formats and recipes over time based on what customers wanted and needed. One thing remained a constant in these cake mixes, convenience.

Woman pouring Powder Patisserie cake mix into bowl for easy and delicious French baking

Since our conception, The Powder Patisserie has been committed to making things as easy as possible for our customers. We began our mission dedicated to bringing great French baking to everyone, with a focus on affordability so the best pastries weren’t reserved for only the most fortunate.

Charging more than £1.50 for a croissant in France is outrageous and it’s that attitude that’s stayed at our core.

While convenient and easy to use, a lot of mass produced cake mixes use cheaper ingredients to keep costs low and as a result, they often sacrifice taste and nutritional value. We were sure there would be a way to keep things simple and easy but give our customers the amazing taste and texture they would expect from freshly baked French products. We worked hard to find natural, authentic ingredients that could be used in our cake mix pouches, so the taste, texture and nutrition would never be anything short of traditional and authentically French.

Our cake mixes are convenient in multiple ways:

  • You can make beautiful freshly baked cakes from our ingredient pouches with just two household staples, butter and eggs. That means nothing added to the weekly shop and no trip to go and buy ingredients when you want to bake! Plus, our pouches have a shelf life of one year so they’re perfect to keep in for those last minute sweet cravings.

  • The super simple process takes so many steps out of what would normally be a long and lengthy process, simply pour, mix and bake, that’s all it takes.

  • We’ve also taken the pain out of finding those perfect high quality ingredients, searching and trialling different types of flour and sugar in recipes is a thing of the past.

  • Because the ingredients are pre-weighed, it means no more buying big bags of flour and sugar, taking up space and never being used. Less food waste and less shelf space, perfect for the modern home.

Pour, mix, bake, that's all it takes!

For novice bakers and those of us that lack the time to spend hours in the kitchen, a cake mix pouch is the ideal choice, because the process is so simple and we never change what goes into our pouches you can always rely on consistency in delicious outcomes. They’re great fun for the whole family too, kids love to help in the kitchen and our pouches are the perfect thing for them to get stuck in with. All the grown ups need to do is handle the steps that involve the oven.

Creativity in baking is half the fun! We always encourage you to get creative with your bakes and toppings (especially on our Financiers) why not try some fruit, fresh or dried. Our personal favourite is chopped nuts for an extra depth of flavour and crunch. Or push the boat out and choose indulgence with some shavings of your favourite chocolate. If you want to really switch things up, a simple lemon glaze brushed over our raspberry Financiers takes an already delicious cake up to another level.

We can’t wait to see what kind of customisations you’ll come up with!

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Leaf-shaped baking molds filled with natural cake batter and fresh berries, prepared for baking.



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