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Our pastries are renowned for their authentic flavours and exquisite textures. You can customise your order from our menu to suit your event's theme and dietary requirements.

Types of pastries

Sweet pastry 

Explore our French-inspired sweet pastries, where Financiers and Madeleines come alive with rich nuts and a buttery twist. Our menu contains a variety of enchanting flavours.

Savoury pastry

Embark on a savoury adventure with our evolving Financier range. We’re constantly refining our flavours to intrigue your palate. More tantalising tastes are on the way!

Personalised preferences

Our menu celebrates all eaters—vegetarians, vegans, and soon, gluten-free! Customise your choices to match your event's size and dietary needs perfectly.

Cater with us

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breakfast laid out with juice, cakes topped with rasberry and financiers chocolate
branded background reflecting the powder patisserie colours
We prioritise fresh ingredients to ensure every bake tastes as fresh as possible, reflecting our care and expertise.
picture of a mason jar full of nuts

Some of our options

Let's work together

Thanks for submitting!  We aim to get back to every request within 48 hours.

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