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Baking workshops

Join our interactive baking sessions, in-person or remotely. From small groups to large events, with step-by-step guidance and tips for a delightful experience, all from the comfort of your own space.

Types of workshop

Physical workshop

Our team prepares the venue, setting up personalised workstations with pre-measured ingredients and baking tools. Enjoy hands-on guidance from our moderators for a collaborative and educational baking experience.

Remote workshop

Remote baking workshops offer flexibility for companies to customise their needs and become more inclusive. You can choose to host a complete remote masterclass or allow participants who are unable to attend physical workshops to join the experience from their homes.

baking workshop installation with hands preparing some cake mix
baking workshop installation with happy woman standing in from of a baking station with a whisk in her hand

Organise a workshop with us

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We're experts

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We're experts in creating innovative, user-tested baking products, offering a delightful 3-step process for authentic French cake mixes (Financiers & Madeleines).

Case study

We were tasked with organizing a custom baking workshop for a financial organisation in Canary Wharf, London. The workshop aimed to facilitate team bonding and acquaint participants with our artisan cake mixes.

The workshop featured a friendly baking competition, sparking creativity and teamwork. Participants were encouraged to be innovative with their cake designs, leading to an array of impressive creations.

Workshop details:​

  • 20 participants

  • 12 workstations

  • 4 amazing facilitators

  • 2,5 hours

  • Over 200+ cakes baked

  • 1 professional oven


Caroline Antoinette

Curated Experience Manager

Leading Financial Organisation, Canary Wharf

Working with the Powder Patisserie was effortless and a great experience. It was clear that they listened to what we wanted to achieve in a specific amount of time and organised a baking event tailored to our organisation. On the day, Jordane and his team created a fantastic event that was enjoyed by many. The wonderful baking aromas attracted the attention of passers-by with many wanting to find out how they could attend the next event. From an organisational perspective, Jordane was professional throughout, providing all the necessary documentation we needed and it really was a dream to work with such a wonderful company. I cannot thank them enough and know we will have more bookings within the future without a doubt!

Let's work together

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