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Our baking journey: from bakery to workshop

The Powder Patisserie was born as a collaboration between two designers with a passion for baking and an award winning pastry chef in 2020, while baking is at the forefront of what we do, at heart we are a solution oriented company, always looking to fill opportunities. Clara Mathieu, the chef, Jordane Mathieu, her brother the designer and his partner Sophie Chen, also a designer, wanted to bring something unique and delicious to their local city in a time of need.

Founders of The Powder Patisserie, Clara Mathieu, Jordane Mathieu, and Sophie Chen, smiling in their bakery surrounded by freshly baked goods

In France, a daily walk to pick up fresh bread is somewhat ritualistic and rooted in years of tradition. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, it became impossible to take that daily walk for fresh baked goods, so the team saw an opportunity to start baking and delivering their delicious confections to residents in the city. By delivering her products it meant her business became an irreplaceable part of local people’s lives, and meant they did not have to compromise on their usual fresh baked products.

Over a few months Clara’s client base grew considerably, and her selection of products saw that growth too, taking bespoke orders for celebrations happening in social bubbles meaning that while parties were restricted, their choice of cakes did not have to suffer! Clara’s skills and ambition, alongside the high quality local ingredients, were a winning combination and meant her ideas, and the business continued to grow.

Working as a multi-skilled trio with a focus on innovative design, the team were able to refine the brand and its values, along with its style and convenience, developing their high standards to expand their business at pace. After seeing the success of their delivery to customer, convenience focused business model after just one year in France, Sophie and Jordane started wondering how the business model would translate in London. After considerable market research, it was apparent London would be the ideal place to expand, broadening their audience and expanding to another country felt like a bold but natural next step. Unfortunately Brexit happening meant that with taxes on the rise and import more difficult than ever, the business expansion needed some revision. This is where The Powder Patisserie in its current form was created.

The Powder Patisserie is all about creating small bursts of indulgence with natural ingredients, and giving our consumers a simple and easy three step method to success, all designed by a french chef!

Sophie and Jordane evolved their original plans to create something they could base in London, that still used Clara’s expert French techniques and authentic recipe, maintaining the same convenience for the customer that was always intended, but now for a new market. After months of product development, and testing recipes on hundreds of people in local communities and groups, they finally had everything ready to launch The Powder Patisserie. By using traditional French baking skills and ingredients, they produced a range of cake mixes perfect for time savvy customers helping them to bake French gourmet cakes in the comfort of their own home.

After a year of selling with their delivery business model and perfecting the recipes of their pre-made pouches, Sophie and Jordane expanded to selling on local markets, perfect to trial new flavours and products, like silicone moulds and baking kits. Alongside selling on markets, the Powder Patisserie was expanding its services, offering team building baking workshops to businesses. The team also started doing pop-ups in various office buildings as well as offering catering for meetings and events of all sizes.

Find out more about what The Powder Patisserie can do for you by getting in touch with a member of our passionate team by emailing


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