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Our top reasons cake belongs in every office!

If you work in an office, whatever the vibe, you’ll know that incredible feeling of walking into the office and smelling something delicious, seeing a tray of freshly baked delights in the kitchen ready for everyone to share. The way everyone's eyes light up when someone walks down the office with a tray of sweet treats is, let’s face it, unbeatable.

Six different flavors of Financier cakes beautifully displayed on a cake stand at The Powder Patisserie

We know that feeling all too well here at The Powder Patisserie, our office always smells like delicious freshly baked cakes and it makes us all love work even more. We firmly believe everyone deserves to enjoy that beautiful smell while they work, so we’ve compiled a list of our top five reasons to have cake in the office!

  1. Sharing cake with co-workers boosts staff mental health Studies found that social eating, including cake, boosts mental health, leading to better productivity in the workplace. Can a sweet pick-me-up in between meetings really be beaten?

  2. Food has a direct influence on cognitive performance Meaning focus is improved when the body is fuelled properly. A focused workplace leads to less mistakes and better quality of work. We all know a bad day can be turned around with just the first bite of a delicious freshly baked cake.

  3. Eating together is a great facilitator of bonding According to research, colleagues who ate together had increased cooperation, performance and trust. When asked, 81% of people said they believed office cake brings people together. It really gives validity to the age-old idea of ‘breaking bread’ with companions.

  4. It shows employees they are valued by the company If a regular afternoon sweet treat is organised by the company to reward hard work and continued support and loyalty, employees feel like an investment is being made into their happiness and wellbeing. Cakes are also perfect to brighten up a gloomy day, something we see far too much of living in London!

  5. Cake is the perfect way to celebrate personal, team and company milestones If an office birthday or a work anniversary comes around, it deserves to be celebrated!

Now let’s take a look at the benefits of having The Powder Patisserie cakes in the office and how it can improve your workplace even more!

  1. When office snacks are healthy based on natural ingredients only, like our products at The Powder Patisserie, employees are less likely to experience energy slumps and fatigue; it also encourages a balanced diet overall.

  2. Not only can we provide our cakes for your meetings and for your office, but we recently launched a new range of savoury small bites, perfect for a lunch treat in a meeting or as something a little bit different to keep people’s energy up in the office throughout the day.

  3. For offices that are hybrid or remote, all our products can be delivered straight to your employees doors, so nobody has to miss out on office goodies!

So don't hesitate to reach out to see what we offer! Send a few of these reasons to your boss the next time you're in need of a well deserved sweet treat, or the next time your colleagues look like they could use a bit of a mood boost!


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