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The art of French baking, why authentic ingredients matter

Baking in France is a cornerstone of civilization and culture throughout the whole country. Bakeries in France are easily accessed in all areas and make up part of most people’s daily routine. From the kids going to get baguettes for a family breakfast to ordering a beautiful cake for a loved one’s special day.

Women mixing flour in a beige ceramic bowl

France leads the world in some of the best baking and patisserie practices because of its unwavering commitment to the best quality ingredients, just ask any baker where they’d choose to source their butter from, and most will say France. This is because of a slightly higher fat content and less water than some lower standards of butter in other countries. One other reason is the wide variety of high-quality flour on offer in France, with up to 10 different types in a typical French supermarket!

Like many French bakers, both contemporary and traditional, at The Powder Patisserie we take our lead from traditional French baking techniques, and value the high standard of ingredients that should be used to achieve excellent products. One of the main benefits of using higher quality ingredients is that they have a more intense and flavourful taste. In addition to improving flavour, using high quality ingredients has an impact on the texture and overall appearance of the final product. For example, using high quality flour and butter in a cake will result in a tender and moist cake, while using lower quality ingredients may result in a dry and crumbly cake.

The simplest way to seriously upgrade your baking is to upgrade your butter.

We also, like all bakers should, source our ingredients sustainably. We have spent a lot of time finding ingredients that never compromise on quality but from suppliers as local to us in London where possible. We don’t just focus our sustainability on our ingredients either, it is part of everything we do, using biodegradable materials and recycled materials in our shipping packaging and pouches.

Our commitment to high quality authentic ingredients is more than just a nod to our French heritage and baking styles, it is the main reason all our products are so delicious.

Even the most novice baker can make something edible with great ingredients.

Anyone can make amazing cakes with our pouches, primarily because they are so quick and easy to use. The texture and flavour of bakes with high quality ingredients is much improved when compared to more basic ingredients.

roasted almonds laid on a ceramic plate

High quality ingredients can also be more nutrient-dense and healthier for you and can inspire creativity in the kitchen. While it may not always be possible or practical to use the highest quality ingredients in every dish, with The Powder Patisserie’s ingredient pouches, it couldn’t be more practical to use high quality ingredients. This is why authentic French ingredients matter when baking at any level.

Using our Powder Patisserie ingredient pouches is like a guarantee for a great tasting bake every time.


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